Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The World Is Busying On Pads!

Apple iPad 2
The 2nd Generation of iPad. Well, Apple announced the new MacBook Pros will be show on the coming event, it is come with the new processor and graphic card! How about iPad 2? Will it be on the up coming event too? It`s not a firm, but who know is Apple going to deliver a surprise?

BlackBerry PlayBook
The BlackBerry PlayBook. A company which is great on fighting market! It will be releasing in Q1 2011. A pad which great in multi-tasking and so on. Get more details!
Visit >Here<

Motorola Xoom
Came with a damn cool intro! Verizon will bring it to the US market!
A new product done by Motorola. For the marketing strategy, we wish it can be done in the right way! Which will decide can the XOOM survive on the pads WAR! 

1st to show! It`s just awesome!

HP TouchPad
The expert in Jet Printer and also laptop. Now, it try on pad too!
The HP TouchPad will be on sale in April 2011! So yeah, >HERE< you go my buddies, have a look into details about the new pad. Lets wish HP can made a great marketing strategy for the TouchPad! Well, the first laptop I owned, which is branded in HP! I can say it`s great in laptop, it worked for me in the duration 5 years! 

Well, recently that`s all about pads! Guys, do tell me which one would you go for! And let`s share some information here about anyone of them! Stay turn!


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